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Jack's is a very close group of people that enjoy all aspects of the game. We are looking for excellant quality players. Please apply if you feel you are top notch or would like to be.
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Welcome to Jack's Smirking Revenge. We're a semi-casual guild full of excellent players, as our recruiting standards permit. We are heavily into the PvP aspect of Rift, altho we do raid on a casual basis T1 content. We are looking to push into T2 raid content soon. If you are interested in joining, contact Laace, Torhid, Selande, Macallan, Trunce, or Mudu in game.
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Dogma, Nov 24, 11 12:29 AM.
Happy Thanksgiving peoples! Get your fill of dead bird, Charlie Brown reruns, the Lions losing in the NFL, and your damn relatives.

I'm gonna be gettin me a 40inch tv too. >.>

Raid Notes

Dogma, Nov 17, 11 10:37 PM.
Great job stomping GSB again guys. We're showing excellent progress on Greenscale.
The raid Saturday will likely be DH/GP, and there won't be a --scheduled-- raid next Thursday (TURKEY!!)
People are welcome to show up and run one tho (all you damn Canadians! *shakes fist* <3)

Gear up for the Phoenix 10man! Need +300 hit/focus!

GSB Duke Bites The Dust!!!!

MuduVudo, Nov 4, 11 8:29 AM.
Great Job Jack's... We got our first taste of GSB and doesn't seem long before Jack's will be steamrolling it.

GP DOWN !!!!!

MuduVudo, Oct 13, 11 9:01 PM.
4/4 DH then 4/4 in GP in 2.5 hours... Nice work guys and Gals

Raid this week

Taladen_Ordo, Oct 3, 11 9:49 PM.
Bring your A game!
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